Experience the Thrill of Face-to-Face Combat Minus the Injuries!

Professional pillow fighting is a unique and exhilarating martial arts-inspired activity. This exciting and safe sport combines the traditional discipline of martial arts with the lightheartedness of pillow fighting.

Within the dojo, participants learn the principles of respect, focus, and discipline while having a blast. The objective is not just to swing pillows randomly but to apply martial arts principles like balance, timing, and precision strikes to score points. 

Professional pillow fighting at a dojo promotes physical fitness, coordination, and agility, while also nurturing essential life skills like self-control and respect for others. It's a playful and entertaining way to experience martial arts in a fun, safe, and structured environment that fosters both physical and personal development.

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No other workout will give you the mindset and energy of a fighter!

Professional Pillow Fighting combines combat fighting, self-defense, mixed martial arts, and competition in one exciting workout. With our Professional Pillow Fighting program, you can experience the real deal of a game, boost your cardio levels, and significantly improve stamina. This challenging program will test and shape you to learn how to deal with high-stress, unwanted threats.

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