Through Uechi Ryu, conquer your fears and be the master of your life!

Our Adult Martial Arts program is a lesson in life itself. With us, you will learn that rebuilding yourself and rediscovering your strengths is always possible. We will teach our students Uechi Ryu, a traditional Okinawan karate style that started in the mid-1900s. You will experience the benefits of martial arts, self-defense, and combat fighting in just one program. 

Develop the state of mind you need to thrive in and out of class. Sign up today to get started! 

Karate is an excellent way to keep evolving in body, mind, and spirit!

Whether you are aiming for Black Belt status or not, our Adult Martial Arts program will harness the many sides of your greatness! Through challenging workouts, you will sharpen your focus and boost stamina. Through rigorous self-defense classes, you will be more mindful and aware of your surroundings for yourself and your loved ones ' safety. 

Throw away those old beliefs and fears; we are here to help you break your barriers!

Classes that strengthen your inner and outer strength!

Program Instructors